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Creating Your Idea

Are you looking to create a prototype or proof of concept with a Cloud project? Look no further than FIFO Engineering. With years of experience and expertise, we’ve created many cloud servers for companies, making it our specialty.


Start a conversation with us to see how our schedule looks! We love to talk about new ideas.

Tech Stack

We tend to use Python in a Docker container, plus a Postgres database, hosted on an AWS account. The code is continually shared with you in a github repo. We can create microservices or a single server that is just right for your business. All that said, we are open to custom solutions to fit your architecture!



Some optional items are encryption, logging, unit tests, automated database migrations, github workflows, reporting and API documentation. We also have hosted team trainings and 2-5 day in-person devops handoffs.



We normally work directly with the CTO or CEO on an idea they have. We can use our conversations to create requirements, so don't worry if you don't have a have a Product Owner for the project yet. We can also move to a JIRA board and start working with a project owner at anytime if you decide you want to take the idea further. 


Meetings and Deliverables

We generally attend one weekly meeting with the CTO or PM and give monthly deliverables. We always have a sandbox version for demos. We have a great hand-off process for your Dev team & developers if you decide to take the project in-house.


Custom Scripts and CI/CD

Sometimes a system needs a few custom scripts to make it easy on the devops or developer team to build and deploy! We can create these in bash, python or another language for you. We also are very good at setting up AWS pipelines or Github actions & workflows to make the release process smooth. We love making things easy to use!

Get in Touch

If you know of a client who might be interested and we end up helping them, we will pay you a referral fee! The amount we pay depends on the potential length of the contract, but we like to be generous with people who help us out.

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