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Our Work

We have written software in a wide range of industries including fintech, merchant services, payments, card collecting, wedding events, mapping and fitness. We have a track record of delivering high-quality, impactful solutions. We take pride in our ability to create custom software that brings the initial idea of each client into a real, working software platform. Explore our case studies to learn more about how we’ve helped businesses like yours achieve success.


Scaling Backend Lambdas

Computer Programming

Our client had a problem: their legacy web application backend, consisting of a number of Node.js lambda functions, was hitting hard size limits that were preventing new features from being added to their application.  Not only that, their tech stack was in dire need of updates as looming deprecation of runtime environments and missing features from outdated tools were preventing them from easily addressing the issues in their system.  After several unsuccessful attempts to resolve these issues with other contractors they turned to us for help.


FIFO succeeded where others had failed, delivering containerized lambdas, updated CI/CD pipelines, improved developer workflows, new application configuration management and more.  With excellent communication, detailed documentation and dedicated support FIFO ensured a smooth developer hand off and oversaw successful release to production.


Payment Gateway

Our client, a credit card merchant who was getting into the fintech space, had been outsourcing payment processing for their merchants to third-party partners. However, they faced challenges with lack of control over transaction volumes and high fees. Seeking autonomy and greater visibility into their payment processing operations, the client engaged our services to build an in-house payment gateway and reconciliation system.

We architected a comprehensive cloud microservices system to address the client's requirements. Key components of the solution included: Cloud-based Infrastructure, Merchant Accounts Integration, Data encryption, PCI-Compliant Data Handling and Handoff to the internal team.


Through collaborative engagement and technical expertise, we successfully addressed our client's challenges and delivered a robust payment gateway system tailored to their specific requirements. By providing comprehensive documentation, knowledge transfer, and ongoing support, we facilitated a smooth transition to their in-house engineering team, empowering the client to optimize operations and drive business growth.

Credit Card Payment
Trading Cards


Luxury Card Reseller

The client, a leading seller of collectible cards, faced a significant challenge in managing the sale of a large volume of rare collectible cards. Their manual sales process was labor-intensive and inefficient, hindering their ability to liquidate their extensive card inventory. Seeking a solution, they engaged our services to automate and streamline this process, integrating with multiple online marketplaces to maximize reach and efficiency.

We designed and implemented a comprehensive solution that improved the client's sales process. Leveraging our expertise in backend development and marketplace integration, we architected a robust backend system that seamlessly connected to various online marketplaces via APIs. By consolidating disparate marketplace APIs into a single unified API, we provided the client with a centralized platform for managing their new sales operations efficiently.


Using Government Datasets

In our latest project, we focused on analyzing ERISA data to support a client's marketing research needs. Our process began by downloading extensive ERISA datasets from the government, spanning the years 2010 to 2021. These datasets were initially in CSV format.

To manage and query this data efficiently, we imported the CSV files into a PostgreSQL database. Utilizing Python and Pandas, we ran comprehensive queries to extract detailed information on various ERISA filings.

The resulting data was then compiled and delivered to our client, who utilized the insights to prepare a comprehensive report for their marketing team. This analysis provided valuable information, enabling more informed decision-making and strategic planning.

This project highlights FIFO Engineering's capabilities in data acquisition, database management, and data analysis to deliver actionable insights for our clients.

Data Cloud

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If you know of a client who might be interested and we end up helping them, we will pay you a referral fee! The amount we pay depends on the potential length of the contract, but we like to be generous with people who help us out.

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